Epic Summer Road Trip 2017 – The Recap!

This summer we took on a new kind of vacation/adventure for our family.  We’ve done trips before to a beach house for a week, Disney World, the summer of trips to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, Honolulu for work, and Vegas for a wedding.  All of those were rewarding in their own ways, but this summer was to be my magnum opus in a way.  I planned an epic post school year getaway for the family that would end up taking us coast to coast by plane, train, and automobile (minus the train, but we did see plenty!).  While it wasn’t exactly what I planned, we had a great time being crammed into our new to us Subaru (had hoped for a family van, but things didn’t quite work out that way for us). 

Because this was such an epic trip, I’m going to break it down into sections to make it easier to digest and write.  Below, you’ll find a map of our trip and a list of all the places we went with links each of the individual posts for each section.  Enjoy!

  • Preparations/Leaving Home/Cleveland
  • South Dakota/Badlands/Wall Drug
  • Rushmore/Devil’s Tower
  • Glacier
  • Beartooth Highway/Cody
  • Yellowstone
  • Grand Teton
  • Denver/Disneyland/Disney Hometown Museum
  • Home/Lessons Learned/Misc Odds and Ends

Epic Family Road Trip – Summer 2017 Edition

Next summer, I want to drive.  Far.  Seeing inspiration from another blog called Road Trip the World and their road trip this summer (aptly named Adventure Van Travels), has me craving a long family road trip.  Somewhere far from New Jersey.

Obviously, this is a long way off, but a trip of this magnitude is going to take some serious planning.  I have two preliminary routes that go west, our preferred direction, along with a shorter route that stays on the East Coast up to Maine. Continue reading “Epic Family Road Trip – Summer 2017 Edition”

Operation Gather Gear – REI Garage Sale Edition

When Alan and I went to Worthington State Forest in June, it was quite the learning experience.  I came back with some immediate gear changes prior to our next trip.  Tops among them? Upgrading my pack.  So, when I got the email from REI that they’d be having a Garage Sale for the first time in months, I was stoked. Continue reading “Operation Gather Gear – REI Garage Sale Edition”