Epic Family Road Trip – Summer 2017 Edition

Next summer, I want to drive.  Far.  Seeing inspiration from another blog called Road Trip the World and their road trip this summer (aptly named Adventure Van Travels), has me craving a long family road trip.  Somewhere far from New Jersey.

Obviously, this is a long way off, but a trip of this magnitude is going to take some serious planning.  I have two preliminary routes that go west, our preferred direction, along with a shorter route that stays on the East Coast up to Maine. Continue reading “Epic Family Road Trip – Summer 2017 Edition”

Operation Gather Gear – REI Garage Sale Edition

When Alan and I went to Worthington State Forest in June, it was quite the learning experience.  I came back with some immediate gear changes prior to our next trip.  Tops among them? Upgrading my pack.  So, when I got the email from REI that they’d be having a Garage Sale for the first time in months, I was stoked. Continue reading “Operation Gather Gear – REI Garage Sale Edition”