Rafting the New River Gorge


We’ve started to plan what should be a pretty fun summer excursion.  We’ll be heading down to West Virginia to visit family and go whitewater rafting, hiking, camping, and maybe even ziplining and rappelling.

Back before we had kids, we spent a fun filled weekend with family rafting both the New River and the Gauley River.  With small children, the difficult Gauley River is out this time, but the New River will be the perfect introduction to our son, who will be 7 at trip time.  Our daughter, who will be 4, has flip flopped about whether she wants to go rafting or not.

One of the things I mentioned in this post was the ultimate goal of through hiking the John Muir Trail in a couple of years.  Step one is going to be some actual camping with my son.  Luckily, it sounds like I have the perfect introduction planned while on the trip in West Virginia.  Our family has a pretty big property and we’ll be able to camp down by the water, completely out of sight of the home.  It should make for a good first night in the woods, easy to abort if he has any issues.  We’ll combine the rest of the activities with some long hikes with our packs and see how we make out.

National Park Getaways – Buffalo National River

Paddle Wars
Paddle Wars by swanksalot, on Flickr

Every Wednesday, the National Park Service features a different NPS property in their Getaways feature.  This week, they are profiling Buffalo National River located in Arkansas. 

Take a read to find out all about the different opportunities available to you in the park.  Whether it’s hiking, fishing or hunting, maybe camping or renting a rustic cabin built before World War II, you’re sure to find plenty to do there.

Read the whole story here.